Crescent Bay // Rustangs // Astronautalis

As soon as Crescent Bay ascended to the stage, I knew we were in for some trouble. One of the guitarists (stage left) sported long blonde hair, which no doubt hadn’t been treated to a wash anytime soon, and a receding hairline leaving a shiny bald head exposed (every time he came up from “head banging” that is). The lead singer (and also bassist) did a continuous elephant stomp through their entire set, whether it went in time with the music or not. He was also infected with the uncontrollable urge to head bang, but accompanied it by a flounce of his curly pony-tail. Stage right we are faced with what looks like a lanky teenager who is wearing his older brother’s hand-me-downs and hasn’t had a haircut since puberty. The drummer, while on beat (most of the time) left much to be desired. But i’ll give him kudos for singing, playing guitar, keys, and the occasional bass. Their vocals seemed to muddle together instantly, their lips literally consuming the microphones every time they screamed into it. Overall I was un-impressed and underwhelmed at the fact that THIS band was opening for ASTRO-FUCKING-NAUTALIS. Did I come to the right venue? Did this band come to the right venue? It’s safe to say I won’t be taking a trip to Crescent Bay ANY time soon.

After that traumatic experience Eff and I decided we DEFINITELY needed a drink and some fresh air.  And from the sounds of it, we didn’t miss much. Skipping out on the Rustangs for a few beers was the absolute best idea we could of had. Because as we sat there drinking and chatting, Andy Bothwell walked in. I almost choked on my beer! Eff had a similar reaction and we immediately started taking covert video and photos of him like professional creepers. With our glasses empty, we got up to put them back at the bar, and by the time we got back Astronautalis was setting up a mini merch table where we had been sitting. SCORE. We jumped in line and bought a custom screen printed bandana and a record of his new album, This Is Our Science. We even got both autographed, leaving us on the verge of fainting. We literally skipped back to the stage to wait for his set to begin, giggling the entire time.

Our night was beginning to look up. We were in the front row, right by the mic that would undoubtedly be Andy’s, had half of our drinks left, and were armed with a fully charged flip cam. When the lights went low to signal his arrival on stage we nearly peed our pants. I have never been blown away by an artist quite like the way I was by Astronautalis. He had such a presence and strong flow like I’ve never experienced before. You can see by the way he performs that he feels his lyrics and music with each word that passes through his lips. He jumps around, sweats profusely, he’s IN it. It’s one of the most amazing things to witness.

Near the end of his set he does something he typically does at most of his shows, a freestyle rap song. Here’s how it works: He picks about 7 different words that people in the crowd shout out. He SOMEHOW remembers all these words and creates a freestyle rap around them and mentions all of them in the rap. Needless to say, it’s something you’ve gotta be there to be able to describe. 

OMG OMG I TOTALLY ALMOST FORGOT. During one of his songs, he literally smacks the flip cam out of Stephanie’s hands because he is SO close to us. It was SO fucking cool! Following this show I began stalking Andy on every social media platform he was on. Happy to report that this was and still is an excellent decision on my part.

- Sars


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